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The North Carolina Senior Citizens Association (NCSCA) is a non-profit organization chartered by the state of North Carolina in 1977. NCSCA is widely known for helping thousands of Medicare beneficiaries in North Carolina enroll in a Medicare Supplement and prescription drug plan. NCSCA does not endorse any insurance company. With our vast knowledge and many years of experience, many Medicare beneficiaries have said they wished they had talked with an NCSCA Medicare Advisor first about Medicare and Medicare Supplement . There is no cost to you for our services. Royalty fees are paid to NCSCA from various companies for the use of our intellectual property. NCSCA Medicare Advisors have a goal of both educating seniors on how Medicare and Medicare Supplements work and ensuring they get a plan that best suits their need and budget. We know the insurance needs of the Medicare beneficiaries in North Carolina. Let us help you.

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By Federal Law, All Medicare Supplement Plans (A-N) are the SAME.
The ONLY difference is PRICE!

Plan F and Plan G Sample Premium Chart*

Savings Chart

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If you’re shopping for your first Medicare Supplement Insurance plan or if you already have a Medicare Supplement and your premiums have gone up, we can help you find the best-priced Medicare Supplement plan. We will work diligently to see if you are eligible now or will qualify for the NC Seniors lifetime household premium discount in the future. Our goal is to provide you with the most accurate information on all aspects of Medicare Supplement Insurance plans. We do not endorse any particular Medicare Supplement insurance company. We want you to get a plan that best suits your needs and budget. Our team of dedicated, friendly Medicare Advisors can help answer your questions and help you choose a Medicare Supplement plan that is best for your situation.

We have been helping people in North Carolina for more than 35 years. The information below can help you shop for a Medicare Supplement.

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You can begin your search by getting a Medicare Supplement Quote on our website or by calling our toll-free Medicare Supplement Insurance HELPLINE and speaking with one of our experienced and knowledgeable Medicare Supplement Advisors.

There is no cost to you for our services. Allowing our Medicare Supplement Advisors to help you can be beneficial since we can save you time by doing the research, qualifying you for all the discounts available, and providing information about the prescription drug plans available in North Carolina.

How to Shop For a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan?

One of the great things about shopping for Medicare Supplement Insurance is that these plans are mandated by federal law to have standardized coverage. Some companies can offer additional benefits beyond the standard benefits included in these plans, but keep in mind that such services are not a part of the policy, may be discontinued at any time and, as appropriate, may be subject to geographic availability.

Get the Lowest Medicare Supplement Rate in North Carolina!

Plan F and Plan G Are the Two Most Popular Plans.

Compare Plan F & Plan G Rates! SAVINGS UP TO 65%

Medicare Supplemental Insurance plans have letter designations (A-N) indicating the benefits included with each plan. Under federal law, all Medicare Supplement plan (A-N) benefits are the same with all companies. The ONLY difference among company plans is the price. The two most popular plans are Medicare Supplement Plan F and G. Plan G became very popular beginning June 1, 2010. On that date, Plan G benefits were increased to be exactly like Plan F except for the Medicare Part B calendar-year deductible. Plan F pays the Medicare Part B calendar-year deductible and Plan G doesn’t. That is the ONLY difference between the two plans. The Medicare Part B calendar-year deductible is $147 for 2013. Understanding this difference is the first step to comparing these two plans.

Why Plan G Is a Better Choice Than Plan F

There are several significant reasons that Plan G is more advantageous:

1. First and foremost, you need to understand the coverage differences.

There is only ONE difference in coverage between Plan F and Plan G and that difference is the coverage of the Medicare Part B deductible. This deductible is $147 for 2013 ($140 for 2012) and applies to doctor's office charges. Plan F covers this deductible while Plan G does not.

2. Second, do the simple math on comparing G and F plans.

In most cases and with most companies, Plan G is a good bit less expensive than F. Since there is only the one benefit difference that was mentioned above, you can easily do the math to see which plan makes the most sense for you. If the premium difference between the two plans is greater than $12.25/month, then Plan G makes the most sense. Depending on your age and gender, you can save $300, $600 or even $1,000 per year in exchange for having to pay out the $147 calendar-year deductible. That's a no-brainer!

3. Last, understand the ramifications of "guaranteed issue" underwriting.

Possibly even more importantly, Plan F is offered in several instances on a "guaranteed issue" basis. This means that no medical questions are asked. This is a federal requirement, so companies have to take people into Plan F that they might, not otherwise accept or approve. This is not the case with Plan G, which does not fall under this "guaranteed issue" requirement. Because of this, most people agree that Plan F premium increases are likely to be higher than those for Plan G in the future.

Comparing Plan G and Plan F is not difficult to do. However, many people do not take the time to do it, and thus end up paying out much more per year than they need to. By following these simple steps, you can see which plan makes the most sense for you and make an informed choice.

How Much Can You Save?

The Plan F and Plan G Premium Savings Chart below compares the premium rates for a female and male ages 65-75 for your review. Depending on your age and gender, the premium savings for Plan G can be quite significant when compared with Plan F. As you can see, the older you are, the greater the savings. Do the math yourself and see how much you can SAVE. Remember: the only difference between Plan F and Plan G is the Medicare Part B deductible of $147 in 2013.

* NCSCA does not endorse any insurance company. The premium rates above are provided as a public service and not intended as an endorsement for any particular company or plan. Final rates quoted can only be confirmed by a licensed agent and approved by the appropriate insurance company. NCSCA Medicare Advisors are licensed agents and can provide free, objective information about Medicare Supplement insurance plans and Medicare Prescription Drug Plan in North Carolina. The only difference between Plan F and Plan G is the Medicare Part B calendar-year deductible. The Part B deductible for 2013 is $147; in 2012 it was $140.

Plan F and G include all these benefits

How Premium Rates Increase!

Most Medicare insurance companies will adjust their premium rates each year in North Carolina. However, the North Carolina Department of Insurance (NCDOI) approves rates only after a careful review of each company’s claims data. The following reasons are used by most companies to justify a rate increase each year:

  1. Age change, age band change or a change in the premium discount percentage
  2. Overall claims experience
  3. Medical claims trends
  4. Any changes in the Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B deductibles

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NCSCA Medicare Advisors have helped thousands of Medicare beneficiaries in North Carolina enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan at affordable rates since 1977. There is no cost to you for our services. NCSCA Medicare Advisors can help you save time by doing the research, qualifying you for all the discounts, and providing you valuable information about prescription drug plans in North Carolina. With our many years of experience, we know the insurance needs of the Medicare beneficiaries in North Carolina. Let us help you.

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